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Enterprise Culture
Business Philosophy:People and the strength of the gathering, the strength of the quality of the quality, the quality of things. Persistently pursue, for the community to contribute high-quality products and improve services.
Corporate Vision:Become a company that is respected by the public. Every day, we are trying to make Huagu into the industry "gold" brand, so that Huagu company has become a domestic industry standard setter.

Corporate Mission:Pursue the best value for money products and services. Huagu insists on continuous innovation, introduction and learning innovation, and becomes a technology leader in the electrical industry; Take the customer as the center, with the domestic first-class products, to meet the customer's actual needs and potential needs; Always answer the customer's questions and be ready to provide the first time after sales service.

Corporate Values:Reflect quality pursuit in value for money. Huagu quality not only refers to product quality, but also includes product, personality, goodwill, service and other all-round optimization and quality culture cultivation, quality environment creation. Huagu people not only reflect personal pride and sense of dignity with high quality, but also commit themselves to "Huagu" from a regional brand to a national brand, reflecting national dignity.